Pioneer Potatoes harvests an assortment of potatoes and offers three types of packaging: Poly Bags, Boxes/Bulk Packaging Boxes, and Bins.

We are open to other pack styles as you may have a custom bag that you desire to be filled. Pioneer Potatoes prides itself on meeting the desires of each individual customer.

"Pioneer" is our premium label with high quality and visual appearance. "Farmer's Daughter" is a US No. 1 value label.

Poly Bags Poly Bags
Pioneer Potatoes has consumer packs in 5lb, 10lb, and 15lb tinted poly bags. We also pack in a clear poly bag for Canadian and east coast customers. Our bags are trilingual and marked with all the required USDA information and correct bar code.

Boxes & Bulk Boxes & Bulk
Our most common shipping form is the 20lb and 50lb boxes. We pack under two labels. Pioneer Potatoes is our premium label. Farmers Daughter is consider our value label. Both meet US #1 grade and are available in the RED, YELLOW and WHITE varieties. We also fill 50lb mesh, 50lb paper, and 50lb burlap upon requests. Bulk bins can be filled with 5lb or 10lb poly bags with advance notice.