Pioneer Potatoes is unique in the potato business. If you desire to work with the person who selects the seed, harvests the potatoes, and packs the potatoes - then you want Pioneer Potatoes. Owner John Thulen takes great pride in growing the best quality potatoes. He realizes that consistency is the key in growing and packing quality potatoes. Being involved in all parts of the Pioneer Potatoes programs from farming to shipping helps Pioneer Potatoes recognize varieties, size profiles and colors best suited for your business. We look forward to taking care of your need.

potatoes For six months of the year, John plants the crops, cares for the plants, and then harvests the potatoes. The other six months of the year, he inspects the potatoes, packages them properly, and sends them to homes all over the world. Very few farms go from beginning to end with a potato, but because Pioneer Potatoes does, it creates something John's ancestors would approve and be proud of.